Acting Executive Director, Outrider Foundation

Tara Drozdenko is acting executive director at Outrider Foundation, which uses digital media to provide accessible information about how humanity can overcome the two greatest threats to the future of humankind—nuclear weapons and global climate change. She previously served as Outrider’s managing director of nuclear policy and nonproliferation. Tara has nearly two decades of experience in the national security field, managing complex government programs and supervising teams of talented researchers at both the US State and US Treasury departments. She holds a PhD in plasma physics and has worked for the US Navy on issues related to weapons of mass destruction and for the US State Department on nonproliferation and arms control issues. Tara is a former N Square Innovators Network fellow.

Biggest untapped opportunity to help advance a world safe from nuclear threat →
Exploring the intersectional nature of our security with healthcare, the environment, and racial justice; integrating the nuclear threat into broader conversations about what it means to be safe

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