Info-Tech for Nonpro and Disarmament
The volume and availability of online information—from satellite data to social media—has grown exponentially. But data scientists and tech developers are introducing ever more sophisticated tools for identifying patterns in the millions of pieces of multimedia, multilingual data generated every second. That’s why we supported the Middlebury Institute for International Studies’s exploration of New Technologies for Information Analysis to Support Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Verification.
Investors for Nonpro and Disarmament
The tools of climate and conservation finance are pretty well-established in the impact investment community. But can they be adapted and applied to other geopolitical problems like nuclear nonproliferation and disarmament? How else might concerned investors screen for and mitigate nuclear risk? We funded Wall Street analyst David Epstein to make the case for investors and the private sector. His paper is here, along with a slide deck that explains his ideas to the rest of us.
Identifying Opportunity
We created the Opportunity Field Guide to show creative problem-solvers in fields like technology, media, education, and design how to apply their pioneering minds and considerable networks to solving nuclear challenges.