We’re expanding our presence to DC, bringing collaboration and shared learning to the heart of the nuclear nonproliferation community.

The N Square DC Hub Launches

ICAN nabbed the Nobel in 2017 for its work to establish a global nuclear weapons ban treaty. But executive director Beatrice Fihn has her eye on a bigger prize—making nuclear weapons impossible.

A Nobel Peace Prize. Now What?

Meet the N Square Fellows—a vibrant cross-sector group of technologists, game designers, policy experts, diplomats, Hollywood filmmakers, and more who are tackling nuclear challenges together in new ways.

N Square Fellows

An iconoclast powered by big ideas turns his gaze toward nuclear threats.

Richard Branson Goes Nuclear

In the nuclear security field, the most dominant voices should not be mistaken for the most legitimate.

Responsible Disruption

The Skoll Foundation’s director of policy and global security argues for a new philanthropic approach to supporting innovation in the nuclear arena.

The Diplomat

Ploughshares Fund’s Michelle Dover talks about the role of civil society—and unexpected new voices—in reducing nuclear threat.

The Negotiator

A novel partnership between policy experts, game designers, and public radio yields a high-stakes simulation that lets users decide: nuclear attack, or false alarm?

Five Minutes to Save the World

How One Earth Future Foundation, and its Future Labs leader Jon Bellish, are betting on networked coordination and open data as the keys to preventing nuclear war.

Incubating Peace

Pioneering peace and security funder Carl Robichaud talks about the risks and rewards of finding (and funding) new ways to tackle existential threats.

The Risk Taker

The first in a series of stories about what can happen when strange bedfellows join forces to spark nuclear innovation.

Laicie Heeley and Things That Go Boom

How researchers at the Princeton Nuclear Futures Lab are bringing full-motion virtual reality to the work of disarmament.

Verification Goes Virtual

How the scholar who created the viral hit NUKEMAP plans to reinvent Civil Defense.

The Improbable Historian

Nuclear analyst Melissa Hanham talks about North Korea’s nuclear arsenal, how she tracks its proliferation activity, and why societal verification is the path of the future.

Open Source Sleuth

To understand the future of innovation in the nuclear threat field, it helps to look to the past and the present.

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