Chief Network Weaver, The Horizons Project

Julia has more than 30 years of experience working for democratic change and conflict transformation around the world, and is best known for her ability to convene diverse coalitions and her facilitative leadership of global networks. Throughout her career she has been called upon to translate between theory and practice, while seeding new approaches, organizing principles, and mindset shifts for social change. After serving for almost 14 years as the President and CEO of PartnersGlobal, one of the preeminent international democracy and peacebuilding organizations – in 2022 Julia launched The Horizons Project to focus on the intersection of peacebuilding, social justice, and democracy in the United States. In her role as Chief Network Weaver there, Julia is committed to bridge-building across sectors, disciplines, and cultures. Julia also serves as board chair of the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

Biggest untapped opportunity to help advance a world safe from nuclear threat →
Building out broader constituencies for the mission, connecting to other adjacent movements, and continuing to support culture change against militarized solutions, diplomacy, and multilateralism (i.e., breaking down silos and helping build a network of networks)

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