Assistant Professor of Industrial Design, RISD

Jess is a multidisciplinary, multimedia spectacle generator and an assistant professor of industrial design at RISD. In the classroom, she uses decolonizing and community building methodologies to engage her students and prioritizes cultural competency, community engagement, teamwork, and good citizenry as pillars for successful learning. Previously, Jess was a toy designer and project manager at Hasbro, delivering best-in-class product development; she is proud to say that her products have been enjoyed by millions of children and adults alike. In her own multidisciplinary work, Jess creates flexible environments that facilitate an inclusive space to explore, reflect, and discuss the challenges of social justice concerns in the US. She is also leader of Clam Jam Brass Band, a womxn’s activist and party band, and organizer of Today’s Special, creating pop-up experiences and art works in underutilized spaces around Providence, RI. She holds a BFA in furniture design from Murray State University and an MFA in industrial design from RISD, where her graduate work focused on creating sustainable closed-loop food systems.