Research Assistant, The Brookings Institution

Kate is a security and strategy research assistant at The Brookings Institution. Previously, she was a Scoville Peace Fellow at Brookings focused on mitigating nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea. Her research introduced a lens for understanding the domestic decisions sustaining nuclear weapons programs. Kate is also the cofounder of a national project educating the next generation on nuclear policy. Previously, she was a community development advisor in Peace Corps Moldova, and interned with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Energy Northwest. She holds an MA in global studies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she was a Farsi Foreign Language Fellow focused on nuclear proliferation theory, and a BA in political science and philosophy from Gonzaga University. Kate sits on the board of Girl Security and is an Ink Stick Media contributing author. Her work has also been published by 38 North, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, and MIT. Much of her interest in nuclear policy stems from growing up in Richland, Washington—home of the Manhattan Project’s Hanford site.

I am most excited to work on projects that… challenge the status quo.

I am looking for partners that can help me… understand the complexities of topics I know nothing about.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… when I got to share my career in nuclear policy with my hometown high school.

Innovations in my field that I am most excited to work on… integrate new ideas, new people, and new technologies.