Brand Strategist, Nucleus Strategy

I am a brand strategist who finds inspiration in the people and conversations around me. Outgoing by nature, I understand culture and brands best through the lens of my personal experiences and conversations. I have a knack for qualitative research and trend forecasting, both of which aid in my uncovering of important human ambitions that ultimately create strong brand strategies. I am most intrigued by the relationship branding has to the internal structure and functions of companies. I believe branding has a role to play in building a stronger emotional connection between an employer and its employees.

I’m most excited to work on projects that… inspire diverse groups of people to come together and use their individual strengths in order to collectively collaborate for a common goal.

I’m looking for partners that can help me… leverage companies’ internal creative cultures in order to strengthen their external influence and impact.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… when our thesis team repositioned the American Dream through the lens of The Pursuit of Happiness.

Innovations in my field I’m most excited to work on… involve the increased importance of internal culture and network dynamics — including tools and methods that foster strong cultures and create purpose in the professional and personal lives of employees.

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