Emma Claire

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Emma Claire was a member of the Research and Policy team at Global Zero. She graduated with a Master’s degree from Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies in May 2018. Her research—and her interest in disarmament and nonproliferation—stem from her years living and working in Ukraine, where she became interested in the connections between environmental conservation and nuclear secrecy. In her research, writing, and translation work, she attempts to bring the experience of the American and post-Soviet nuclear aftermaths of the Cold War into conversation, as a way of contributing to a global vision of a livable future.

I’m most excited to work on projects that… open up knowledge about the nuclear establishment in creative, compelling ways to the public without shying away from complexity.

I am looking for partners that can help me… with their skill sets, which could be different from mine.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… whenever someone contacts me to tell me something I wrote had an effect on them, whether it’s helping them learn something complex or helping them improve their holistic and/or emotional understanding of an issue.

Innovations in my field that I’m most excited to work on… I’d love to help develop a project bringing open source research to a mass audience in a way that empowers them to reimagine themselves as active participants in nuclear politics and policymaking.

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