Month: December 2019

Greater Than

How might the nuclear threat reduction field become one of the brightest sources of creativity and innovation on the planet? That is the question that launched the 2019 N Square “listening tour,” in which we interviewed 72 DC-based nuclear threat reduction professionals to gather diverse perspectives on the state of the field and hopes for its future. Our new report, “Greater Than: Nuclear Threat Professionals Reimagine the Field,” shares the findings of this research. It offers candid insight into barriers to and enablers of innovation and the acceleration of new ideas—along with significant reflections from colleagues about the day-to-day experience of working in this field and their aspirations for improvement. Our hope is that this work shoots a flare across the field, illuminating the contours of a new, collaboratively developed future along with ideas about how we might collectively begin to get there.

Read the full report.

Read the executive summary.

Hear N Square’s Sara Kutchesfahani discuss the report’s findings on the Big Nuke Energy podcast.