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Links to the underlined text in the printed N Square Impact Report:

p. 6       Systems Methodology

p. 7       Opportunity Guide

p. 7       Reinvent Nuclear Security

p. 7       Engaging Millenials

p. 7       The (Nuclear) Future We Want

p. 7       Game-Changing Technologies

p. 7       An Alternative Future for the National Labs

p. 7       Recruiting Next-Gen Innovators

p.7        Expanding the Role of “Outside” Organizations

p. 9       2017 Most Significant Futures Works Award

p. 9       Engage

p. 9       Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning

p. 12.    Cohort 1

p. 12.    Cohort 2

p. 12.    Cohort 3

p. 14     2017 Most Significant Futures Works Award

p. 14     Catalyzing Networks for Social Change: A Funder’s Guide

p. 20     Wicked Problems-transition Design Seminar 2023

p. 23     Strategic Implications of Future Trends

p. 25     longer post (Morgan Matthews’ IAEA post)

p. 25     School of International Futures (SOIF)

p. 25     Altimeter Design Group

p. 25     Drivers 2057 deck

p. 29    Gettng Bombed

p. 29    Zero Nukes

p. 29    Amnesia Atomica

p. 29    Highly Nriched

p. 30    see the trailer here (Getting Bombed)

p. 30    Laicie Heeley (Getting Bombed)

p. 30    Paul Carroll (Getting Bombed)

p. 30    Jim Walsh (Getting Bombed)

p. 30    Yasmeen Silva (Getting Bombed)

p. 30    Radioactive Roadtrippin’

p. 30    Path Collective

p. 30    Nowhere

p. 30

p. 30    Nuclear Content Library

p. 30    Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe

p. 30    Time to Engage Investors

p. 31    TechChange

p. 32    spoke about the nuclear community being in storytelling crisis

p. 32    National Geographic published the story

p. 32    NPR

p. 32    Storytelling for Change: How Stories Shape the Way We Think About the World

p. 33    #StopInvestingInDestruction

p. 33

p. 33    Changing the Nuclear Narrative

p. 33    Toolkit for engaging the finance community

p. 34    Introduction: Epistemic Communities and International Policy Coordination

p. 37    Greater Than: Nuclear Threat Professionals Reimagine Their Field

p. 39    Greater Than: Nuclear Threat Professional Reimagine Their Field

p. 40    this primer

p. 40    adapting quickly

p. 40    Crossroads: Five Scenarios for the End of Nuclear Weapons

p. 44    Horizon 2045 Systems Map

p. 44   Horizon 2045 Framework for Change

p. 44   Horizon 2045 website

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