The N Square Innovators Network (NSIN) is shaped around a bold concept with ample research behind it: that engaging people, new ideas, and new resources can help us reduce the chance that nuclear weapons will ever be used—by accident or by design—and that cross-disciplinary collaboration will lead to important new technical, political, and public engagement strategies.

As part of the N Square Innovators Network, technology innovators, top media influencers, and allies from across industry and social impact sectors will join a range of nuclear experts, applying their diverse expertise and perspectives to generate and advance new ideas for the field.

We invite you—or someone you nominate— to join a network of experts and influencers working at the intersection of design, technology, media, and policy.


Overview: How the Innovators Network Functions

NSIN Fellows make a 9-12 month commitment of time, energy, and resources, and are invited to identify additional delegates from their community to participate in project teams. Fellows bring new ideas to the network relating to the ways in which policy, media, or technology can challenge the status quo; N Square provides access to tools and expertise to help Fellows address those challenges in collaboration with new partners. Fellows also have a hand in nominating additional organizations (or individuals) to participate in future network cohorts.

Network Meetings
During the year we hold three 2.5-day facilitated gatherings where fellows can learn from one another, form relationships, identify points of intersection, and advance the work of their project team. These convenings serve as innovation incubators, where we use design thinking, future scanning, and emerging technologies to rapidly iterate new ideas, create prototypes, and vet potential pilot programs. Network Meetings also feature special guests, salon dinners, and fireside chats, deep dives into key issues, threats, and opportunities, and real-time creation of a shared opportunity map.

Project Teams
Between convenings, each fellow contributes to an NSIN project team. Each team takes a budding idea past the concept stage, developing it as a prototype that can be readily understood and evaluated for potential seed funding. All concepts, whether they are funded or not, are presented at a public Innovation Forum at the end of the fellowship.


You or your nominee’s presence and participation in all convenings and meetings is essential and required —as is your willingness to activate your own networks to support the activities of project teams.

The payoff? A diverse alliance of dedicated colleagues, access to new tools and technologies, and the exhilaration of exploring a new frontier.  N Square books and covers all flights, accommodations, meals, and activities during convenings. Each Innovation Fellow will receive a stipend to cover travel meals and trips to and from airports. In addition, N Square has set aside additional development funds to support the work of our project teams (as necessary).

Sample Schedule (Subject to change)

Nominators and the Ideal Candidate

Anyone may submit a nomination. Self-nominations are not only permitted but encouraged. Nominees must meet the following criteria:

  • Able to make the 9-12 month commitment
  • Able to attend all in-person meetings and bi-weekly virtual project team meetings (minor exceptions can be made, but attendance and accountability is required)
  • Committed to reducing the nuclear threat
  • Demonstrated aptitude for collaboration
  • Open to learning new processes and approaches
  • Willing to connect networks and bring in outside
    resources (technical, human, financial, or otherwise)
    to help address challenges
  • Has a diverse background and life experience

While each cohort will have a strong core of nuclear threats experts, we are also very interested in candidates with the following backgrounds and skill sets:

  • Industrial and graphic designers
  • Technologists
  • Artists
  • Media professionals
  • Brand Strategists
  • Communication and Storytelling Specialists
  • Impact investors
  • Financial technology and services experts
  • Professors and students from any of the above

*N Square will pay special attention to nominees that are part of underrepresented communities in the nuclear field

Please indicate if you or your nominee represents one or more of these priorities.


Required Documentation
Nominees must provide:

  • Confirmation of willingness and ability to serve 
  • Brief professional biography
  • Short statement of interest

Nominations that do not have the required information will not be considered.

Nominators must provide the name and e-mail address for the nominee. The N Square team will contact the nominee for the required documentation. If you do not have the nominee’s contact information, please indicate that fact and we will do our best to track it down.

Deadlines for Nomination and Decisions
All nominations must be received by June 25, 2019. All nominees will be notified of decisions by July 23, 2019. Please note that a nomination does not guarantee an invitation to the N Square Innovators Network, and we will not be able to offer positions to all nominees.

Confidentiality of Nominations
All nominations are kept confidential. The identity of the nominator is not disclosed to the nominee by N Square unless nominator specifies otherwise.