Co-Director, BASIC

Sebastian is co-director of BASIC, where he works to build international trust, reduce nuclear risks, and advance multilateral disarmament. Sebastian’s work is stimulating a growing global conversation on states’ responsibilities around nuclear weapons, through his leadership of the Programme on Nuclear Responsibilities (in partnership with the Institute for Conflict, Cooperation, and Security at the University of Birmingham). More broadly, he is looking for ways to bring innovative mediation and conflict transformation practices into nuclear diplomacy and to reimagining security for the Anthropocene. Sebastian recently took part in the Strategic Foresight Program hosted by N Square in collaboration with the School of International Futures. He is a member of the Younger Generation Leadership Network and British Pugwash, and the cofounder of the Inclusive Think Tanks breakfast series with Chatham House and the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. He was the recipient of the Postgraduate School’s Prize at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

I am most excited to work on projects that… rigorously challenge traditional notions of “how things should be done.”

I am looking for partners who can help me… bring critical thinking about nuclear weapons (back) into popular consciousness.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… seeing the impact of our work on nuclear responsibilities start to play out in national statements and publications.

Innovations in my field that I am most excited to work on… include radical new ways of conducting dialogue on nuclear weapons that better enable cooperation.

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