Laura Dawn

Cofounder, ART NOT WAR

Laura has spent the last 15 years making high-impact media and directing groundbreaking cultural campaigns, both as founding cultural and creative director of and then as founder of the award-winning cultural strategy agency ART NOT WAR. She has written and directed more than 100 online videos and mini-docs in the past two years and has extensive experience in digital strategy, producing more than $1 billion of earned media for social justice campaigns. Laura currently serves as a creative consultant for Fenton Communications, as well as on the advisory boards of not-for-profit organizations including Campaign to Unload, The Climate Mobilization, The Hometown Project, Swayable, Adopt A Kitchen, and Deep State, a progressive training camp for artists and activists. She also founded the Ethical Engine, a new platform that seeks to nudge the public toward more progressive positions by targeted narrowcasting at scale, powered by personalized and emotionally aligned creative media.

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