Executive Director, Physicians for Social Responsibility

Jeff is executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility (PSR), a physician-led organization in the US working to protect the public from the threats of nuclear proliferation, climate change, and environmental toxins. An attorney by training, much of his career has been spent in nonprofit management and in policy roles, primarily with membership organizations and associations and, until he joined PSR, mostly in the areas of adult education and workforce development. (“I was once the only full-time person lobbying on behalf of adult literacy on the Hill, which is both frightening and sad, considering the seriousness of that problem.”) Jeff’s most enjoyable professional experiences have involved startups (business and nonprofit) and coalitions. Previously, he served as president of the National Coalition for Literacy and president of the Committee for Education Funding. Before going to law school, he worked as a writer/editor, and sometimes in even more questionable lines of work, although those experiences provided important life lessons and some still-valuable personal connections.

I am most excited to work on projects that… make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I am looking for partners who can help me… see things from a different perspective, and who I can learn from.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… anytime I have the opportunity to meet people with real courage—people who have risked their lives or freedom to stand up for what they believe in. 

Innovations in my field that I am most excited to work on… involve, generally speaking, any effort to expand the conversation outside of the traditional spheres of presumed influence and expertise.

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