Program Officer, Nuclear Threat Initiative

Jack is a program officer with the Nuclear Threat Initiative’s materials risk management team, where he works on two projects: the NTI Nuclear Security Index and Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy. Jack previously served as deputy executive director of Partnership for a Secure America, where he lead congressional education and advocacy programs focused on nuclear security, arms control, and nonproliferation. Having also worked in international development, information technology, and food service, he loves unconventional approaches and questioning the status quo. Jack holds an MA in international affairs with a concentration in international security from American University, and a BA in political science and international relations from the University of Massachusetts Boston.

I am most excited to work on projects that… make people uncomfortable and challenge assumptions or preconceptions about ourselves, our work, and our field. 

I am looking for partners who can help me… think outside of my own perspective, challenge myself, and wear down the status quo.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… when I first realized how powerful the artful collection and expression of information can be, especially as a tool for cooperation.

Innovations in my field that I am most excited to work on… involve using data, communication, and cooperation to break through the cultural logjam that has made the nuclear policy community stiff, elitist, and slow moving. 

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