Rost Rublee

Associate Professor, Monash University

Maria Rost Rublee, an associate professor of international relations at Monash University in Australia, is passionate about turning conventional wisdom upside down in pursuit of a safer, more equitable world. Her work in nuclear politics argues that norms underlie much of the strategic calculations that inform policymaking, and therefore we must understand nuclear norms if we want to change policy. Her research in international security also extends to the limited ways in which “national security” is constructed. She argues that diversity in international security—both people and ideas—is critical if we want resourceful and innovative policies. Maria created and leads a global effort to understand and improve the state of diversity within the security studies scholarly community. An award-winning author and teacher, she has received major grants from institutions around the world, including the US Institute of Peace, and has published research in top-ranking journals, including Comparative Political Studies, Contemporary Security Policy, Survival, and International Studies Review.

Biggest untapped opportunity to help advance a world safe from nuclear threat →
Using the untapped resources of social psychology to change entrenched patterns of thinking, and helping artists, performers, teachers, politicians, and others use those strategies and techniques; opening up spaces for diverse voices to engage with entrenched patterns of policy regarding nuclear weapons

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