President & CEO, PartnersGlobal

Julia Roig provides technical and strategic leadership within the international network of 20 PartnersGlobal Affiliate Centers. She represents the organization within the foreign assistance community with a personal commitment to multilateralism and global cooperation. As president, Julia has solidified private-sector partnerships to reach development goals and is spearheading linkages with entertainment and advertising industry leaders to support peacebuilding efforts. She is currently most engaged with a global “Narratives for Peace” initiative, with civil society resiliency, and with bridging domestic (US-based) peacebuilding with social justice movements. Julia serves as board chair of the Alliance for Peacebuilding.

Biggest untapped opportunity to help advance a world safe from nuclear threat →
Building out broader constituencies for the mission, connecting to other adjacent movements, and continuing to support culture change against militarized solutions, diplomacy, and multilateralism (i.e., breaking down silos and helping build a network of networks)

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