Laura Dawn

Cofounder, ART NOT WAR

aura Dawn Murphy has spent nearly 20 years making high-impact media and leading groundbreaking cultural campaigns, both as founding cultural and creative director of and as cofounder of the award-winning cultural strategy agency ART NOT WAR. An expert in microtargeting and narrowcasting, her forte is viral content creation, digital organizing, and high-level strategic collaborations between renowned artists and grassroots activists that help not-for-profits garner earned media, bolster public awareness, and spur action for social change. Laura has been named one of the nation’s Top 100 Creatives by Origin Magazine and “The Most Important Person in Politics That You Don’t Know About” by MSNBC, and is featured alongside Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the book 200 Women Who Will Change the Way You See the World. Laura currently serves as creative consultant for Fenton Communications, and sits on the advisory boards of The Climate Emergency Fund, Campaign to Unload, The Climate Mobilization, The Hometown Project, Swayable, Adopt A Kitchen, and The Peace Studio, founded by Maya Soetoro-Ng. She was a 2019 N Square Innovators Network fellow.

Biggest untapped opportunity to help advance a world safe from nuclear threat →
There is a huge messaging hole in this issue space. I want to see the movement utilize cutting-edge marketing and storytelling to shape public opinion on one of the greatest existential threats of our time.

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