Head of Engagement Lab, Public Radio International

After 17 years at The Gannett Company/USA TODAY, Jodi recently signed on as head of the new Engagement Lab at Public Radio International. Over the years, she has worked in a variety of areas across many disciplines, but always with a focus on innovation and engagement. Jodi is excited to put her unique background to use in this new endeavor. Her attention to audience and her skills with digital engagement fit perfectly with PRI’s mission as a global nonprofit media company focused on the intersection of journalism and engagement to effect positive change in people’s lives.

I’m most excited to work on projects that… bring people together to solve issues, enlighten people, and/or prompt dialogue, debate, and discussion.

I’m looking for partners that can help me with… data analysis on cultural diversity.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… when my #VotingBecause campaign at USA TODAY started to reach millions of people and created tons of online conversation around the importance of voting.

Innovations in my field I’m most excited to work on… are evolutions in algorithms that control just about everything on the internet.