Design Strategist, Nucleus Strategy

Gena Cuba is a design strategist who focuses on reframing large, complex problems in surprisingly simple ways. She spends her time carefully observing and inquiring about the curiosities that we call home, community, work, and purpose. Through ongoing investigations of cultural mores and individual motivations, her work turns observations into empathetic diagnosis and clear roadmaps of action.

I’m most excited to work on projects that… use visual design as a strategic instrument to innovate, activate, and proliferate.

I’m looking for partners that can help me… generate modes of communication that leave room for people to personalize and shape how they share it with the world.

A moment when I felt most inspired in my work was… hearing personal stories from country teams at UNICEF share how innovation was reshaping their program design.

Innovations in my field I’m most excited to work on… involve tailoring design to the humans it needs to fit. Many of the best inventions involve taking a generic solution and fitting it to the challenge it means to address and the people it means to serve.

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